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For all your sports taping and strapping needs, Prostrap® is a comprehensive range of Sport Strapping , Tapes and Kits to suit the needs of Schools, Clubs, Physios, Universities & Professionals. Our products range from EAB | Kino | Cohesive | Underwrap & Rigid | Ice Packs | Sport First Aid Kits. Proudly distributed from the world class factory Burnshield® in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Our comprehensive range of sport Strapping, Tapes and Kits

Client Testimonials

Very happy with this product. It contains everything you would need for minor injuries, and the price is not bad at all for everything you get.
Great product, takes the pain away in a couple of hours. I had shin splints symptoms went away in a time period of a day.
Excellent product. Helps with muscle strains and backache. Worth the money - money well spent.
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we are endorsed by Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, and Chiropractors, supplier to South Africa’s professional sport teams

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